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2021 Capsule Closet Ideas For Plus Size Women

For the modern woman who is always on the run, a capsule closet comes to the rescue. A capsule closet is economical and an environmentally friendly way to save time, reuse your clothing items, and look fabulous every day. It is a mix of amazing timeless pieces that can be matched with one another to create outfits for several occasions with limited options. One can easily build a chic, affordable capsule closet, no matter what size they wear. Here, we are focusing on building capsule closet ideas for plus-size women with brilliant pieces to last them throughout 2021. Plus Size Women

  • Outerwear

Outerwear is an essential part of the outfit for almost any time of the year and is good for any size. That’s why it’s good to add a couple of outerwear pieces to your capsule closet. The best ideas consist of a leather jacket, a timeless classic, and a trench coat, which is the key to an effortlessly classy outfit for the cold seasons. If you live somewhere where it doesn’t get too cold, even in winter and fall, you can swap the trench coat for a light denim jacket or cardigan.

  • Dresses

Dresses have always been popular throughout the centuries. However, plus-size dresses for women have been all the rage lately. An easy skater dress or A-line dress will ensure that you get ready and out the door in no time. The best part of dresses is that they can be utilized both casually and formally. Take a casual dress and amp it up with outerwear and jewelry, and there is your answer to a quick formal outfit!

  • T-shirts and Button-Up Shirts

Almost everyone is guilty of having many shirts but only wearing a handful of them. A capsule closet will help with this, too, as its goal is to provide multiple options without taking up too much space. Add a bunch of basic t-shirts and button-up shirts to your capsule closet, preferably of solid colors, so that you can use them in different ways. You can even go for a printed t-shirt if you want to add some life and creativity to your outfits. Besides, these shirts fit all body sizes.

  1. Pants

The easiest bit of this closet is pants. Most people already own some versatile pieces. Just like any other closet, a capsule closet is incomplete with a pair of pants. Add a perfectly fitting pair of jeans to the collection. Don’t forget a pair of formal trousers for that effortless office outfit.

  • Jumpsuit

Last year, we saw jumpsuits climbing higher in the trends, and they are not falling behind this year either. Particularly for the spring and summer trends, jumpsuits have been making their way to a lot of closets. They are the ideal choice for a plus-sized woman’s closet as they don’t cause any hassle in terms of size and fitting.

  • Belts

A belt is a must-have for any woman who has a taste for statement pieces to turn heads as they go. Whether it is the classic leather belt for an office look or an embellished one for parties and other lively events, a belt will accentuate the waist and level up even a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit.

  • Boots

Winter and fall outfits are almost incomplete with a pair of boots. Keep a pair of ankle boots in your collection; you might even make some use of them in the spring season. Ankle boots go best with wide-legged pants, a summer dress, a short skirt, a pair of skinny jeans, or even a pair of shorts. They are just what you need to add an edgy touch to your outfit without even putting too much effort into it.

  • Scarves

Scarves are a great way to pull your whole look together and answer that ‘something is missing’ element in your look. Keep a couple of scarves in your closet, whether they are plain or printed. Depending on whether you are going for a simple look or a decorated one, you can tie the scarf around your neck, head, or waist to compliment the look according to the occasion. If you don’t feel like wearing it, you can simply just tie it to your bag’s straps as an accessory. There are so many ways to wear a scarf, which makes it so much more interesting.

  • Jewelry

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you need to upgrade an outfit instantly? What about when you need to turn a simple outfit into a glamorous one for a formal occasion? That’s right; jewelry is the answer. Add some classic jewelry pieces to your collection that will go a long way and decorate many outfits. This category includes a pair of hoop earrings, a gold necklace, gemstone rings, a cuff bracelet, ear studs, and other pieces like these because they can take your outfits to sky-high limits, no matter what the occasion.

  • Bucket Hat

When bucket hats were introduced as trends sometime around last year, they took the word by a wonderful, fashionable storm. They were seen everywhere, in every season. So, why not add one to your closet? You can even go for an animal-printed one for a stylish look with zero effort.

  • Sunglasses

Everyone knows that you can put on a pair of sunglasses and look like you’re ready to walk down the runway at any moment. So, it goes without saying that sunglasses are a must-have for every person, specially if they like to make sure that their appearance is always up to the mark.


With a capsule closet, a curated, minimal collection of outfits that can be mixed and matched, the approach to wardrobes has changed for a long time now. It offers longevity, sustainability, functionality, and versatility, which are perfect for our new lifestyles. This lifestyle can be adapted by anyone willing and is a fun and stylish way to save time and look flawless.

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