15 Ways To Cheer Someone Up – How To Make Someone Feel Better


Seeing your dear one down is a hard thing to accept. All you would want here is to cheer that person up. This is not that hard rather there are so many ways to cheer a person when that person isn’t feeling up. You might not be a therapist or a doctor but even your small gesture can make a lot of difference. Every person is different so you might have to try a lot of ways to lift the mood of that person. If you could bring a smile to that person’s face then that would even relieve you. Here Healthclubfinder has brought some easy ways to cheer someone when that person is feeling low:

Keep things simple by asking if they really want help:

Usually, people would not share easily even if they need some help but you should at least start by asking about it. This might just relieve that person and that person would not feel lonely that much. This is a very simple way but it works wonderfully.

Be there by their side when they need you:

The person might not tell you about the issue but that person might just need to in this time. Make sure you are there when your close one needs you. This is very easy yet very effective and this can easily lift someone’s mood up. This is the best thing that you could do.

An interesting project together might help:

Getting into an interesting project is the best way to keep your mind attached to something very productive. This would slowly heal that person internally and this would also help in lifting the mood. You can do a lot of things together but doing something that the person loves would help the most.

Let your friend know that he/she is special:

A person would always feel good if that person would know how special that person is for someone. Here you have to let your friend know about it and nothing would be better than a good handwritten note. You can write how thankful you are to have a friend like him/her in your life.

Go for a swing ride with the person who is feeling low:

This might sound really weird but this trick works so well. If your friend is feeling really low then you can take her/him on a swing ride. You can make him/her seat on the swing and let her/him blow away all the stress with the swing ride. This works amazingly all the time.

An ice cream date is always a good idea:

There is almost nothing that ice cream cannot solve so getting some ice cream would always help. It would be great if you know about your friend’s favorite flavor of ice cream so that you can grab that flavor. This is the best way to chill with your friend and make her/him feel good.

Ask what makes them feel happy:

If you don’t really know about anything that could make that person good then just ask about things that they love. Keep this as a general question so that you can surprise that person. You can do the fun activities together and this would help a lot in this case.

Try to do things together:

The person who feels low tries to do all the work alone and here you just have to stop that person do things alone. You should help that person do things and this would be very helpful for that person. Doing things would be fun when you got someone to help.

Start with a positive note:

This might sound very basic but trust me this works the best when someone feels low. All you need to do here is to bring some positivity into your friend’s life. Here you can do that by reading out some positive messages or quotes to that person to cheer that person up.

Cooking can also help a lot in this case:

Everyone loves food and home-cooked food is just the best. Here you can try cooking together and maybe you can cook the food that your friend enjoys. This would bring instant joy to that person’s life and she/he would feel great by the end of the day.

A break from all the electronics might help:

Thinking about life without any such electronic item is hard but leaving electronics for a while would help a lot. You can just take your buddy out rather far from all the electronics for a while. This would make that person feel fresh and relaxed at the same time.

Spending some quality time is the best therapy:

No matter how busy your schedule is going but if you feel that your friend is feeling low then just gather some time for that person. It would be amazing if you could just spend some quality time with that person. This would solve half of the problem that the person is facing.

Meditate together:

Meditation would relax the soul and if you could see your friend in mental trouble then you could ask him/her for meditation. This would relieve that person and this might even help that person is coming back to normal life. Meditation is the best way to distress as well so you can try this.

Some flowers can help in lifting the mood up:

This might sound very unrealistic and stupid but flowers actually work in such situations. If you would offer some flowers to your friend then he/she would feel special and this could help in this matter. You got to have to get a lot of expensive flowers but just one basic flower can serve the purpose.

Do some yoga together:

Yoga is just like meditation but it would also help your body to relieve stress. You can enjoy some easy yoga sessions with your friend. Your friend and you would be able to learn a lot through the yoga session. This is of course one of the best ways to cheer someone who is feeling low.

This is how you can make someone feel better or cheer up when they are feeling low. You can even get some more from healthclubfinder which has unique and latest ideas on healthcare, beauty, fitness and many more.


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