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10 Ways to Promote and Drive Traffic to Your Membership Website

Membership websites are a great way to make revenue directly online and if you offer services such as an online course, it may be the only viable option. There are other cases where digital enterprises can choose to create a membership login system, for example when they have a premium chatting platform.

To keep visitors that aren’t paying from getting all the value-added benefits of being a full member, adding a gate that will bar them are very convenient. Some businesses have used the services of online tools for a membership website and some have used other proven marketing strategies to garner final conversions.

How can a membership website be marketed? Here are ten ways to promote and drive traffic to a membership website.

“You can also build a list of potential customers that you can market to, have civil discourse and send membership offers.”

Use newsletters to attract more customers

Using newsletters is an effective way to gain exposure and remain existent in the eyes of the current customers you have. You can send regular newsletters to members that update them about new offers and content available at the gated membership center. You can also build a list of potential customers that you can market to and send membership offers.

You can build an email list by adding newsletter sign up forms on the landing page and different website pages across the site. Don’t make the mistake of buying email lists, rather build it on your own organically to get a more engaged and interested audience.

Purchasing email lists will waste you more money than you’ll make because if you do so, the people on the list will be irrelevant to the business you’re running.” – says Jake Gardener, marketing specialist at essay writing service and paper writing service.

Use testimonials

The best way to gain trust from new customers is when you let others blow your own and user-generated content is the best way to do so. You can do so by adding testimonials on the landing page to share the experience of other customers.

Potential customers will then learn more about the product offers you have and might even opt for a membership.

You can probably have an entire page dedicated to the testimonials or maybe include them in quite a few pages. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that your website has testimonials that give an idea about the membership website user experience.

Write an eBook

Writing an eBook can help prove that you have expertise in a certain field, just like how blog posts do but on steroids. If you enjoy writing, this task won’t be a hard task to do. However, if you find writing tedious, it might be challenging, but it is great to prove your authoritativeness in the industry you’re in.

After creating the eBook, you can make it available for free if you would like to do so on the landing page. That will help customers gravitate towards you and then you can market to them the online course or whatever membership you have available. By writing the eBook, it proves that you are experienced in that sector, making you more trustworthy to clients.

Get backlinks

Backlinks help boost the search engine optimization efforts because, with them, you stand the chance of ranking higher and getting more traffic. Search engines deem you as a high-quality site if the content you post gets linked by other sites or blogs. Because of that, posting content on the business’ blog is very important because it heightens the chances of being linked.

The traffic will increase because readers of those blogs might follow the link and land on your page. You can also add yourself to backlink directories and other companies using those services will easily locate you and get the opportunity of using the content. Analyze all the SEO practices that you have implemented and determine where you can improve.

Use YouTube video content

Videos can be used to engage the audience and add that person touch to the brand you are managing because it adds a face to it. YouTube video content can effectively be used to promote the membership site you are running in a number of ways. One of them is posting engaging, informative videos that could pertain to your niche.

For example, if you are into online courses business, you can use YouTube videos to offer a free lesson once in a while. Alternatively, you can ask the audience to recommend a subject, and then you will answer it using a YouTube video post or even use live streaming.

Resourcefully use keywords

You can also promote the membership site you are running using keywords to optimize it for SEO. Keywords can be included throughout the content you post to make it easier for potential customers to locate in the SERP results.

Adapting to the form of keywords that are starting to gain traction, and which are longer, will also be a resourceful way to use this form of marketing. Long-tail keywords help with voice-activated searches because they are structured to be in a more conversational manner. You can use a mix of regular and long-tail keywords to help heighten the chances of being easily located.

For high-quality, optimized content, use an assignment writing help or an essay writing service that offers help from expert writers for your job. They can also help you with the business research papers and technical document writing if you need for your website.

Offer free basic membership

In the membership site, you are running, you could have a zone where it is free to enter for everyone. You can sign them up to build your email list and then use it for future references. The free basic membership zone can have the most basic of your products or services and have limitations that the paid version doesn’t have.

Use the email list to market new products and offers and then constantly encourage them to upgrade and get the full membership. “Alternatively, you could have a trial version that will give the users a snippet of what the full membership feels like.” says Jake Gardener, marketing specialist at BrillAssignment and dissertation writing services.

Social media marketing

Creating a strong social media presence can help you drive more traffic organically to the website. Being active on social media will help you grow the following you have and posting relevant content. The blog posts you write as part of the content marketing strategy you have implemented can be shared on social media pages.

If the content is relevant, followers may even share it with their own audience following them. As a result, you will reach more people without paying double for marketing. You can use call-to-actions that drive them to the website and when they click them, direct them from the site to the membership area.

Utilize Pinterest

Pinterest is a very undervalued marketing tool that most businesses don’t use, but it could be very effective for this type of business. A membership site requires a monthly subscription or any other similar model. Pinterest is powerful and there are people who use Pinterest and earn even around $100,000. If your target market is also women, Pinterest can help you reach them because the majority of its users are females.

Sarah Taylor, SMM manager for a resume writing service and an Australian assignment helpsuggest that you can use keywords and pin them on the pictures or infographics that you will be posting on this platform. In this way, you will be driving traffic to the membership site you are managing at no cost at all.

Occasionally be a guest writer to other blogs

To promote the membership site you are managing, you need to also be active in the industry you’re in. To accomplish that, you can choose to pursue guest writing to other blogs that have a larger following than yours.

You can make your life easier by writing the blog post and approaching different blogs and proposing to them. Writing the perfect pitch to those blogs is very important and should be done correctly. The key to writing a successful pitch is outlining how you are willing to add value to the blog and detail how you will accomplish that.

The bottom line

Membership sites can be promoted effectively with these ten steps, which include implementing a social media marketing strategy, SEO practices and other useful tools.

Content marketing is also very important and by generating diverse material like videos, blog posts, and social media postings, you can reach the objectives set for yourself. You can also offer free or trial membership to make the customers feel how the full service is, and hopefully, they will convert.

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