10 Benefits of Sweet Potatoes in Perspective of Science

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

Root vegetables are nutritious and delicious such as sweet potatoes. The texture of sweet potatoes is very creamy and smooth use as an ingredient in different recipes. The scientific name of sweet potato is Ipomoea batatas. It is not only nutrient-rich food but also has medicinal benefits. It is present in various colours such as orange, purple, yellow, pink, white, and red. You can also freeze sweet potatoes and use them later.


Sweet potatoes are a source of the following component.

  • Vitamin A and B5Riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and carotenoids.

Rich in vitamins

Sweet potatoes help to cope with deficiency of vitamin A. its deficiency becomes a serious issue, particularly in developing countries. Its deficiency increased the death rate for pregnant and lactating women and their children. Vitamin A boosts up immunity system against infectious disease. Sweet potatoes enriched with beta carotenoids, each molecule of beta-carotenoid can produce two molecules of vitamin A.

Help to Manage Diabetes

Sweet potatoes also help to manage diabetes. It is filled with dietary fiber, which is divided into two types soluble and insoluble fiber. 77% fiber is insoluble, and 10-15 % fiber is soluble, regulating the blood glucose level in the human body. Advanced study reveals that a chemical substance present in white sweet potatoes is known as Caiapo, which improves the glucose and cholesterol level in an individual.

Reduce the Stress Level

Sweet potatoes can help to reduce stress levels. A significant quantity of magnesium is present in sweet potatoes. For normal body functioning, Mg is an important mineral. Magnesium plays a vital role in reducing depression, stress, and anxiety.


A significant amount of vitamins are present in sweet potatoes, which have anti-inflammatory properties. A high concentration of choline is present in sweet potatoes. Choline reduces inflammatory responses in the human body. A chemical substance, anthocyanin, is present in purple sweet potatoes, which have the ability to reduce and prevent inflammation in the colon and proliferation in the cancer cell.

Fighting Against Cancer.

Advanced studies show that purple sweet potatoes are effective in fighting against cancer. It has some vital components, which are useful to treat different types of cancer, such as colon cancer, breast cancer, and gastric cancer.

Fight Against Ulcers

Sweet potatoes can fight against ulcers. When inflamed tissue is fall off from mucous membrane, and skin can cause an ulcer, which is a quite painful condition. Methanol is extracted from sweet potatoes, which can protect us from gastrointestinal tissues from an aspirin-inducing ulcer.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Sweet potatoes control the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Atherosclerosis is a cardiovascular disease that is caused by oxidation in the body. Scientists found that a high level of polyphenol is extracted from sweet potato leaves, which have the ability to suppress oxidation in the human body. As a result, it decreases the development of the cardiovascular disease.


Anti-microbial properties are also present in sweet potatoes. Ethanol and acetone are extracted from sweet potato leaves, which have microbial properties against germs and bacteria, can cause pneumonia and typhoid. The growth of food-borne bacteria can be restricted by the fiber found in sweet potatoes.

Improve the Quality of Skin and Hair

Sweet potatoes can improve the quality of skin and hair. Sweet potatoes are enriched with vitamin A and have vitamin C and vitamin E. Supplementation of vitamin E can increase hair growth rate, which is given to treat hair loss. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties. Vitamin C is very effective for dermatological treatment such as hyperpigmentation. A combination of vitamin C and vitamin E can reduce the chances of skin cancer. Vitamin C can synthesize collagen, anti-inflammatory features, protect from acne, and promote healing of wounds in the skin.

Rich in Vitamin A

Sweet potatoes have the ability to cope with fertility. Reproductive performance can be increased vitamin A. Secondary infertility in women can be led by a deficiency of vitamin A. A healthy dose of iron is present in sweet potatoes, which is useful for an anemic patient; reduces the risk of ovulatory infertility. Iron is an integral component to promote fertility among women.



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